Global Health Scholars Program

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The GHSP provides opportunities for knowledge and skill acquisition in global and community health. Students selected for the GHSP will need to maintain regular attendance at GHSP-arranged meetings, participate in two service-learning trips to the hosting community and actively participate in the community health improvement project.

Completion of the GHSP is contingent upon satisfactory completion of electives GH717, GH727, third-year requirements, and GH747. Any scholar who fails any component of the Medical School Curriculum (e.g. block exam) will require remediation during the summer at the end of the first year. This will result in withdrawal from the Global Health Scholars Program.

Note: Trip cancellations, while rare, may occur for a variety of reasons in international travel, resulting in loss of funds (e.g. non-refundable tickets) to students.

By submitting this form, you are committing to the following:
  1. Regular attendance at GHSP-arranged meetings.
  2. Participation in a month-long service learning trips to the host community as outlined by the GHSP Planning Team. All team members will be required to raise their own financial support for trip expenses.
  3. Active participation in the development and implementation of the GHSP's community improvement project. Project planning meetings will largely be driven by the Global Health Scholars themselves. Students will continue to work with faculty throughout the entirety of the program. 

Note: Trip cancellations, while rare, may occur for a variety of reasons in international travel resulting in loss of funds (e.g., non-refundable tickets) for students.
Failure to comply with the elements of this commitment may constitute withdrawal from the program.

Typing your name here and submitting the form serve in lieu of a physical signature.

500 word limit

500 word limit
Please list any foreign languages you speak and your level of fluency in each. Please note that a working knowledge of any foreign language is not a requirement for the GHSP.

Level 0 - Speaker has no communicative ability other than isolated words in the targeted language.
Level 1 - Speaker can ask and answer uncomplicated questions about familiar topics but may need some repetition to understand.
Level 2 - Speaker can give straightforward instructions but may use awkward or inaccurate phrasing.
Level 3 - Speaker can communicate effectively in most social and professional situations but may have difficulty communicating some abstract topics.
Level 4 - Speaker are near-fluent and sensitive to cultural references but may have trouble with unusual dialects or slang.
Level 5 - Speaker can communicate like a native speaker.

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