Health Systems Science Academy Application

Your submission of the information below confirms that you agree to participate fully in the Health Systems Science Academy and to fulfill the requirements and expectations as listed in the introductory materials. Further, your submission indicates that you have met with your senior vice president, vice president or department chair (and division chief, if appropriate) and have discussed the time commitment and expectations involved in participating in this program, as well as the potential project. 

Describe how participation in the Academy will shape how you will contribute to your department in the future. In addition, how will what you learn in the Academy help shape the kind of teacher you will be in the future? Please include any specific knowledge and skills that you wish to acquire and how those relate to your career goals.

If relevant, include any specific knowledge and skills that you will bring to the Academy related to the core domains of Health Systems Science.

For example, I will develop an introductory QI module for residents within the department, or I will develop an evaluation tool for an educational activity around population health.