Penn State Cancer Institute Membership Application

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Program Leaders: Steven Branstetter, PhD and Joshua Muscat, PhD
Aim 1 focus: Elucidating the etiology and factors related to cancer risk and Aim 2 focus: Developing prevention and interventions to reduce risk.

Program Leaders: K. Sandeep Prabhu, PhD and Clare Sample, PhD
Aim 1 focus: Viral oncology; Aim 2 focus: Gene/environment and carcinogenesis; Aim 3 focus: Cancer immunology

Program Leaders: Diane Hershock, MD, PhD and Charles Smith, PhD
Aim 1 focus: Identify and validate novel targets and approaches for cancer therapy; Aim 2 focus: Perform preclinical development of novel cancer therapeutics; Aim 3 focus: Conduct impactful clinical research with early phase IITs emphasis.