Penn State Cancer Institute Membership Application

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Program Leaders: William Calo, PhD, JD, MPH, Joel Segel, PhD
Aim 1 focus: Determine the factors that are associated with cancer risk and detection; Aim 2 focus: Develop, test and conduct interventions to reduce cancer risk; Aim 3 Conduct interventions to reduce the burden of cancer treatment.

Program Leaders: Gary Perdew, PhD and Clare Sample, PhD
Aim 1 focus: Define the viral mechanisms that contribute to cancer or associated co-morbidity; ; Aim 2 focus: Elucidate the molecular mechanisms of environmental carcinogenesis; Aim 3 focus: Identify immunological mechanisms that modulate the carcinogenesis process.

Program Leaders: Deborah Kelly, PhD and Patrick Ma, MD
Aim 1 focus: Determine precision targeting approaches for the molecular culprits of cancer; Aim 2 focus: Implement therapeutic interventions/clinical trials in the catchment area.